02−04 November 2022

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine


18 August 2016

ТМ "Sto pudiv" produce the line of fundamentally new interesting products

Now  the market of food foods is oriented to the economy of time of consumer. ТМ "One hundred poods" also don’t  remain aside to this tendency and presents the line of products - "Dishes of comfortable preparation ".  There  are not usual ready-to-cook foods or dishes of quick-cooking with doubtful composition. Dishes of quick-cooking are a complete set of ingredients for preparation of the first dishes,  garnishes and sweet porridges. This dishes consists of  the dried or sublimated ingredients, and  set of spices. Тhere are developments of department of technologists  ТМ "Sto pudiv". Such sets  allow  to prepare  a delicious simply, not bothered by a purchase separately of all ingredients and dosage of spices. Assortment  of dishes of comfortable preparation  TM “Sto pudiv”  consists of  first dishes –  “Borcsh”,  ‘Kharcho”, “Kapusniyak”, “Rozsolnik”,  “Bean mix”, garnishes – Macaroni “Po-flotski”, “Pilaf with bulgur”, “Mashed potatoes”, Buckwheat cereal with mushrooms,  “Kulish”  with meat and with mushrooms, also sweat dishes  - bulgur with dried apricots and raisins, pumpkin gruel  with millet and etc.

Priority of  drawing up  this sets for dishes of comfortable preparation is taste, ease of preparation and the optimum price. Hurry to try and estimate a practicality and a flavoring variety of novelties from TM "Sto pudiv".