01−03 November 2022

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine

Sector - GreenProduce

KyivBuild Meeting

WorldFood GreenProduce Ukraine is a dedicated platform for suppliers of technology and equipment for the production and processing of fresh fruit and vegetables. The sector provides an opportunity to meet and conduct business with the region’s growers and trade associations.

The sector is strategically timed to target farmers free from harvesting; traders preparing for the holiday sales; and suppliers receiving orders for the next season.

WorldFood GreenProduce Ukraine provides an opportunity to meet influential partners from Ukraine, Europe, Asia and other countries that can play a key role in your business.

Exhibiting products

Equipment, technologies and services
Technology and apparatus for growing vegetables (field and greenhouse)
Chemical feeds, pesticides and fertilizers
Irrigation systems
Greenhouses and growing materials
Processing equipment
Genetics and breeding tools
Power saving technology
Consultancy services (management, marketing, quality control and agro resourcing)

Agricultural technology
Cultivation technology
Machinery for sowing and planting
Mechanises for harvesting
Machinery and equipment for post-harvest processing
Sorting machinery and racks
Technical servicing and spare parts

Saplings and seedlings

Packaging, storage and logistics
Stores and equipment for finished goods
Freezing equipment
Logistical service providers
Equipment for transportation, loading and unloading

Ready to eat products

The exhibition audience will include owners, senior managers, buyers of large companies will attend thanks to its special programmes:
The Agro-Advisory Centre
The Retail-distributor Centre
The Buyers Programme