02−04 November 2022

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine


31 October 2021

Riga Bread at WorldFood Ukraine 2021


Choose tasty and healthy bread today. Riga Bread is a factory where products are baked without yeast on live yeast. Bread contains only natural products.

"Riga Bread" is a taste of real rye bread and a huge range of products. Wheat, rye, seeds, dried fruits - any taste for everyone to find something for themselves. It is impossible to bypass the production of snacks in "Riga Bread" - the plant produces crackers and chips from specially baked unleavened bread. The bread is cut into slices, after which they are fried using professional high-oleic cooking oil, dried garlic or onion and sea salt are also added.
"Riga Bread" has prepared a novelty!

These are snacks of a new generation - chips from fried lard crust, with the addition of curry and chili. Chicharron is served as a snack, added to soups and salads, eaten with other dishes, used to make sandwiches. This snack does not contain carbohydrates at all. But in the crust - 72% protein, which is an indispensable building material.

In Ukraine, Riga Bread is the first to produce such a product, but it is widespread in Spain and characterizes the traditional cuisine of Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

Join and taste delicious and varied together with Riga Bread!