02−04 November 2022

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine


30 September 2021

Plant products at the UA Plant-Based stand!

More than 5 million people in Ukraine do not consume animal products. And another 3 million reduce their consumption.

• Green Go - the company's range includes several types of tofu, classic minced meat and three types of cutlets based on soy, wheat and pea proteins for connoisseurs of meat and fish burgers. And also a revolutionary product on the Ukrainian market - marble GreenBeefSteak with a characteristic look, taste and texture of premium beef steak.

• Bobinata - ready-to-eat vegetable meat with several types of flavors, made from soy and wheat proteins. The manufacturer aims to dispel the myth of the negative effects of soy on the body, based on modern scientific research. Each type of Bobinata contains a high concentration of protein with a minimum fat content, as well as a unique mix of spices and condiments for use in a variety of gastronomic experiments.

• Wanted Vegan - products based on wheat and elite pea protein, so it is an excellent source of high quality vegetable protein and suitable for those who do not eat soy. The brand's range now includes minced meat and burgers for burgers with a balanced taste and structure that exactly replicates beef. As well as two types of "chicken" nuggets and the real pride of the company - a unique 100% vegetable cutlet in Kiev with an appetizing golden crust.

• Vegetable stuffing Eat Me At (or "Eat me with…") based on soy protein in taste and texture as close as possible to a traditional product. Minced meat contains 16 grams of vegetable protein per 100 g, is a source of B vitamins and iron, as well as free of cholesterol, antibiotics and GMOs. The product is perfect for all dishes that traditionally use minced animal meat, and is also sold in the form of ready-made burgers.

• Vegurman - chicken, beef and pork fillets based on soy and wheat proteins. The products are ideal for stewing, frying or roasting, as well as for cooking where the fibrous structure of the meat is important. Finally, fillet is a dietary product that contains only 150 calories and as much as 21 grams of quality vegetable protein per 100 g.

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