02−04 November 2022

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine


26 April 2018

Greece kiwi producers are looking for partners


‘’Hello Kiwi’’ is a European Project co-financed by EU, that has to do with the promotion and increased recognition of European Kiwis that produced in Greece.

The targeted countries of this project are Ukraine, Belarus, U.A.E. and South Africa. The project enlists a series of promo and marketing actions such as participation in exhibition, business mission to targeted countries, as well organization of event with participation of people mainly from retail sector and wholesalers. The main objectives of the program are, on one hand, to inform consumers, distributors, nutrition experts, journalists and other people about the nutritional value and consumption of kiwi fruit and, on the other hand, to promote kiwi fruit in the target countries by using all these marketing tools and promo actions that are essential so as to offer this added value and increased recognition.

All agriculture cooperatives that participate in the project are dealing with the production, sorting, packaging and export of kiwis all year around by using their modern cooling facilities where the fruits are stored. By participating in WFU exhibition the members of the agriculture cooperatives set as priority to meet with the key international trade players in the fresh produce sector as well to get in touch with the existing suppliers and other new ones from Ukraine and Eastern European countries.

The Association consists of 12 members, agricultural cooperatives that produce and export mainly stone fruits. The 12 members of the Association are the 1) Messi Coop, 2) A.C. Neos Aliakmon, 3) A.C. Meliki, 4) A.C. Episkopi 5) A.S.O.P. Episkopi, 6) A.S.E.P.O.P. Naoussa 7) COOP Kavala, 8) A.C. Acheloos, 9) A.C. Venus Growers 10) A.C. Naoussa, 11) ASEA Artas 12) A.C. Neapoli. Moreover, Novacert Ltd is the implementing body of this European Project.

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