01−03 November 2022

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine


WorldFood Ukraine Frozen Peas


Katerina, channel manager of  Nash Product network.
Our team is pleased to participate in the WorldFood Ukraine exhibition. There were representatives of export, networks, regional networks, distributors – the audience that was interesting to meet, negotiate. We are actively working on expanding opportunities, we are very interested in retailers, many of them we already know, but the exhibition, of course, greatly simplifies this task.
Gennady Zernichenko, Commercial Director of Famberry
I am very pleased with participation in the exhibition. This is really «high quality». We are growing external contracts with the Polanders, interesting acquaintances with exhibitors, thanks to WorldFood finally came into contact with OKKO, from Biologic.TV. There were companies that it was very difficult to approach, for example, from the Ukrainian network of restaurants «Lokal». You organized this meeting for me. Part of our team is now in SIAL in Paris. It is possible that WorldFood Ukraine this year was more productive for us.
We are pleased with the exhibition. Once again we were convinced that our products are interesting for people. People are asking for contacts, exchanging coordinates and counting on the fact that the exhibition will bring us popularity, because the company is still young, few people know about us and this is an excellent opportunity to find partners and try to enter the international market.
Elena Belaets, Commercial Director of MLESNA (CEYLON) LTD
The exhibition was successful for us. Good organization, satisfied with the quality and quantity of the visitor. Many regions are presented. We are from Nikolaev, we found partners from Odessa. It seems that we are close, and it is Kyiv's WorldFood that united it.
Natalia Bedriy, Head of commercial division Nadezhda Firm
We are extremely grateful that we had such a great opportunity to take part in WorldFood Ukraine. For us this was the first time, for us it was new, but we had great hopes to find our buyer in Kyiv, to find a way to sell our products abroad - and it turned out to be ours. We have met a lot of interested people, bayers. There are issues to be discussed, there are partners with whom we plan to cooperate.
Nudga Oksana, wholesale and retail manager Naturprodukt Slobozhanschiny SPEKTRUMIX
Last year, there was a lot of packers and equipment, so they doubted the effectiveness of participating in WorldFood Ukraine 2018. But this year, these segments have been eliminated, mostly by food producers. The first day for us became the most productive - only the target audience, a lot of people, new acquaintances and contacts.
Viktoria Prokopovich, Vice-President of the Italian-Ukrainian association Domus Italia
Very interesting exhibition,there were many expositions from different countries of the world presented. This year, Italy was represented directly from the region of Sicily. The owners of the firms have brought their products from Italy to Ukraine to expand the market, to form a bilateral relationship with Ukraine. For us, it was pan-European cooperation. Confident that it has its own prospect.
Kryukovsky Olexiy , founder of Liza TM
We want to thank the whole team for the excellent work done. The exhibition for us – is not only an opportunity to find partners among visitors, but also well-established communication with other participants, because we are on the same site for all 3 days, one way or another, tie up business communications. The only wish is one - I would like the exhibition to be even more days.

Grzegorz Pzhibulsky, Founder of GP Solutions, Co-organiser of the Polish National Group
“Polish companies and brands are making the first steps to enter the Ukrainian market, and develop cooperation with Ukrainian partners. We’ve got a lot of new useful contacts and we’re pleased with the results of the exhibition. We’ve managed to arrange Polish-Ukrainian cooperation that helps build a good joint business and develop business contacts.”

Alexei Vartanyan, Director, Mac-Var Ecoproduct
“We are known as a manufacturer of organic and health food products. This year we participated in many exhibitions. We’ve noticed that participation in WorldFood Ukraine expo is several times more efficient compared to other B2B exhibitions in the country. We have already booked space for next year!”

Jiri Kopáček, CEO, Czech-Moravian Dairy Association
"The booth of the Czech Moravian Dairy Association presented dairy products, including:  traditional yogurt, cream and unique Czech butter cream at WorldFood Ukraine. At the exhibition we met a lot of distributors that will help us develop our business in Ukraine - we are very confident our products will be appreciated by the Ukrainian consumers.”

Bartosz Furman, Representative, Department of Trade and Investment, Polish Embassy in Kyiv
"We really liked the exhibition and we’ve made a lot of new useful contacts and acquaintances as a result of participating. We are confident that next year even more Polish companies will be exhibitors at WorldFood Ukraine, as trade relations between Poland and Ukraine become even more productive.”

Igor Ivanov, Development and Marketing Director of “Aventin“
“Our booth at the exhibition was visited by a lot of our regular clients, as well as many new potential customers. During direct communication we found out the current customer needs and trends in the food industry.”

Alexander Kasyanenko, CEO, Nash Produkt
“Every year at this exhibition we discover something new for us - even though we have been on the market for over 10 years.”

Alexei Shekhovtsov, CEO of Mega Group Plus
“We welcome the opportunity to take part in the exhibition and are very satisfied with the results. On the first day of the show we had already gained 36 useful contacts.”