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14 December 2014

There are 45.4 Million Food Consumers in Ukraine

Ukraine is the second largest consumer market in Central and Eastern Europe after Russia that estimated 45.4 million people.
Dynamics of retail trade turnover of enterprises in Ukraine, billion UAH

In Ukraine (excluding the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol), the total retail trade turnover in January-June 2014 amounted to 417.6 billion UAH, which is 0.8% more than in the corresponding period of 2013, the report said EY.

Last year, the Ukrainian retail market in different segments characterized by a significant number of mergers and acquisitions. In the coming years is expected displacement of spontaneous trade modern retail formats, market consolidation.

Here is a review of the food retail companies.

Food retail turnover in Ukraine is estimated at 2 billion. Some stores still account for a large part of the market. According to the company GT Partners Ukraine, at the end of 2013 the share of food network operators in total retail turnover of enterprises in the country was 33%, which is 2% higher than a year earlier.

Food retail market of Ukraine continues to be characterized by a low level of consolidation on it are more than 100 retailers of contemporary class. In each working region according to the average of ten such companies. The smallest number (5 operators) there in Khmelnitsky and Sumy, most (more than 30 operators) - in Kiev.

Leading network "ATB" and Fozzy Group maintained their positions and growth to a greater extent due to the active expansion of the network in the format "shop at home" and a mini-market. The small size of these stores and focus on the lowest prices on products allowed to show the greatest percentage growth in the face of declining purchasing power. Therefore, many operators are trying to reach this segment of the market, opening new outlets. Thus, in 2013 their number increased by 28%, reaching 2,045 stores.

Top-10 grocery chains in Ukraine in terms of revenue, 2013, billion UAH

Top-10 grocery chains in Ukraine by number of shops

Visitors of  Ukrainian supermarkets have become increasingly buying products under their own brands (private label). Self packing cereals, frozen convenience foods, household chemicals, and many other goods for resale under their own brands - not a new move.

Growing interest in products in this category - a stable trend due to more attractive prices of the goods.