02−04 November 2022

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Kyiv, Ukraine


18 December 2020

On December 15, 2020, three designer supermarkets were opened in the «Silpo» chain!

Silpo, created for predictions, has opened in Kyiv.

Good luck to everyone who hopes for the best, opened the updated "Silpo" in Kiev at st. Kalnyshevskogo 2, in the shopping center "Polar".

"Silpo" understands well in predictions, so the team decided to dedicate a new designer supermarket to this topic. 2634 sq. meters turned into a huge space for divination. In the trading hall there are Tarot cards, a real fortune teller's caravan, tall columns in the form of candlesticks, paintings with Nostradamus and Silpo checks in their hands, and a projection of a black cat walks along the walls. If you stop at the entrance to the store, the Wheel of Fortune will tell you how lucky you are. Not only the design has been updated, but also new departments have been opened - fish of its own ambassador and smoking, a floral boutique and a "Tradition Shop" with the services of a cortador for a ham slicing workshop.

Under the handmade chandeliers in the new cafe you can guess: the good old method is to choose one of the classic books from the bookshelf, ask a question, open the page at random and tap the story line with your eyes closed.
Silpo supermarket in the style of ar-brut in Kherson

In the Kherson Central Department Store at st. Ushakova, 49 updated "Silpo" in the style of ar-brut. This store is dedicated to all amateur artists whose genius has yet to open up to the world. The inspiration for his appearance was the work of artist Polina Raiko from Kherson.

At 1336 square meters. meters of store design incorporated the colors of the steppe and contrasting shades of the southern sun. The art objects of giant birds and fish symbolize the hope and love that is in the soul of every person. The installations in the shop windows seem to be born in the embrace of a half-sleep on a hot night: they make up their own universe of amazing plants and animals. Patterns on the walls based on southern flora are painted by hand.

“We like to bring diverse aesthetics to urban landscapes. The supermarket should not be beaten only by a utilitarian structure, so every time we try to add meaning to the design of each store. Therefore, the shopping experience becomes tastier at different levels of perception and adds joy to life, ”says Ekaterina Oguryaeva, Silpo's Marketing Director.

The development of the visual embodiment of the concept took place with the participation of representatives of the Polina Raiko Charitable Foundation, whose consultations were invaluable for inspiring the artists of the project. One of the illustrators shared his thoughts: “Kherson region is a difficult region, contrasting, bright. I wanted to show this in the illustrations: the constant struggle of the flourishing, cheerful south with everything scary that hides in the dark, bottomless shadow that all living things cast on the sunniest day. To tell about the nature of the south of Ukraine, you only need to close your eyes, forget all the conventions, double meanings, contexts, judgments and other people's thoughts. And when to open - how to be born again, to look at a flower like a child and see only a flower ".

The spirit of contrasting and generous Kherson region is reflected not only in the decor, but also in the range. In the renovated Silpo, guests can order from the services of a florist to the discovery of live oysters. The cafeteria has a choice of Chinese and Ukrainian dishes, even pizza and shawarma.

In the fish department you can choose black and red caviar, seafood on ice, bacon and red fish or order smoked meats. Other delicacies at this Silpo include an olive bar and a large area with Tradition Shop, a boutique with ham and cortador services and grilled dishes where you can order kebabs. You can't do without the legendary bakery - in addition to baking bread in the hearth oven, pies are also prepared here.

According to special wishes - if there is not enough choice of sweets, "Own confectionery" can surprise with exclusive candies from the international chocolatiers or to accept the individual order.

However, "Silpo" is not only inspired by the bright Kherson region, but also takes care of it. In the store instead of plastic bags there are eco-packages made of starch, which can be composted. And the staff sorts recyclables, and tanks are installed on the territory for separate garbage collection.
"Silpo" at st. Sechevykh Streltsov, 37/41 in Kiev has become a hotbed of street art.

This renovated store has become the 65th designer supermarket in the chain's collection.

Increased to 1340 square meters. meters, the space "Silpo" is dedicated to the environment of street subcultures. Under the ceiling hangs a huge boombox, skaters ride among the painted tires.

All graffiti were painted by the creators themselves - Sergei Radkevich, CHZZ and the group Nameless. The writers "bombarded" the walls, columns, friezes, shop equipment with dedications to the legends of R'n'B and hip-hop. And if you look closely, the tags are hidden meanings and message: the punches of the queen of Ukrainian hip-hop - one of them!

Inside you can taste delicious chillies in a concept cafe. It reproduces the car of the New York subway, at one time became a place of communication for underground creators. The cafe project was developed and embodied by Lviv artist Sergei Radkevich, who for several years in a row was the organizer of the street art festival: “This painting is a personal reaction to the subcultural movement of the 80s, underground culture and hip-hop in New York. The main idea is to create an inversion in the expressive and characteristic narratives of that period. The painting is reminiscent of Holkar *, created not in a subway car from the outside with fully painted windows, but, on the contrary, moved inside the interior.

The art curator of the project is the Port.agency agency, which accompanied the collaborations of the Silpo network and graffiti artists.

“We are really happy that we were able to support Ukrainian street art, albeit in the interior. We watched with delight how the store turns into a space of writers' self-expression, - Ekaterina Oguryaeva, Silpo's marketing director, shares her impressions. - It was unusual not to fully present the result, because it's all true graffiti, created without stencils. And we love to experiment and offer something new to our guests: both in the range and in the atmosphere of the supermarket. " In addition to expanding cultural horizons, thanks to "Silpo" you can diversify your gourmet experience, because the choice of products in the supermarket has become even better. The store has its own bakery. And here you can choose hot smoked fish from your own smokehouse, bring sushi or order pizza from the oven.

In order not to disturb the flow of life on the streets of Kiev, in the updated "Silpo", in addition to six regular ticket offices, there are 8 self-service ticket offices