02−04 November 2022

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine


28 July 2016

Trade mark “Dobra vecherya” surprises us and becomes the main secret of culinary success of the working ladies!

Do you like surprises? Then get ready for them! In October we are going to make you happy with our unique novices – homemade pancakes with cottage cheese, fruit stuffing, and meat. Believe us, there won’t be indifferent people left, since our specialists put their hearts in each product!
We take food seriously since we understand that we have very strict judges. Ukrainians have one unique trait – they know well about good food! That is why we are going to bring unique new products before the eyes of the residents of Kyiv, our colleagues, and guests of the exhibition, counterparts of which you cannot find at others manufacturers of frozen food.
Why is our produce unique? Our production is “a big kitchen”, where the experts manually and with the help of the most modern technologies create hamburgers, meat roll with stuffing, pancakes and other culinary dishes. Culinary produce of “Dobra vecherya” not only does remind of the taste of homemade food, it is homemade on its own. It is impossible to make machine-made pancake with the same taste as it is made on a frying pan. Believe us, we tried it! Machine labour, surely, makes manufacturing simpler, however, there is a special taste of food made by hand. And this one gives a feeling of home. This taste was kept and preserved by women from generation to generation.
Nowadays lives of women changed considerably. It became faster and more complicated. We put more and more effort to reach results in our carriers. We drive less and less attention to cooking, home, and family. But a wish to be a good woman and make our people happy has not vanished. It just hid in the deep of a woman’s soul. Regardless of the fact on which stage of a carrier ladder a woman is, her soul smiles when her children and the husband reach for the plates and cry out loud “SECOND HELPING!!!”
If you are one of us, you should not reprimand yourself for being inexperienced in culinary. Try to use culinary products of the trade mark “Dobra vecherya”. Thanks to them, without too much effort, you are going to give enough food for the loved ones with delicious food. 
“Dobra vecherya”. – is the secret of your culinary success!