02−04 November 2022

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine


19 April 2016

TM "Sto pudiv" continues to implement innovative solutions in cooking in the diet of every Ukrainian

Ready mixes  for baking  penetrated very fast in active life of Ukrainians

Ready mixes for baking "Sto pudiv" include of natural dry ingredients and make  the cooking process easy, simple and fast. However, technologists of  TM "Sto Pudiv"  focus on the preservation of home baking taste and flavor variety.

Now ready the mixes for baking TM "Sto Pudiv" has about 16 positions, including various pancakes, dough, holiday baking, bread, cakes, etc.

In anticipation of the Easter holidays TM "Sto Pudiv" cared about  customers and provides ready mixes for baking Easter cakes.

TM “Sto pudiv” propose ready mixes for baking Easter cakes  on traditional recipe and  exclusive versions of "Cherry with chocolate dropes” and “Slavonic  with mint and lemon." This ready baking mixes will help you prepare a delicious Easter cake for even the busiest people easily and quickly.
TM “Sto pudiv”  wishes everyone a happy Easter!