02−04 November 2022

IEC, 15, Brovarsky Prospect
Kyiv, Ukraine


08 August 2016

Popcorn Company Co., an expert on the Ukrainian popcorn market, has recently launched its own manufacture

Popcorn Company Co., an expert on the Ukrainian popcorn market, has recently launched its own manufacture of all sorts of the caramelized popcorn, this variety having become the universal trend in recent years, and is known under the gourmet-corn name.
This popcorn variety is made of a special corn that pops and expands in a shape of a ball. Popped corn kernels then are covered with an abundant coat of flavored sweet and glazed caramel according to  a firm’s recipe utilizing a special technique. Upon cooling a crunchy caramel glaze is formed on the kernels.
Only ecological ingredients are used. The best corn, unmatched by any other cereal not only in the USA, the corn’s motherland, but anywhere else in the world! For caramel’s manufacture a cane sugar and pure coconut oil are used.
Caramel provides popcorn with a special taste, and transforms traditional sweet popcorn into a singular treat – sweet, crunchy kernels, hard to resist to try.
Besides  a classic caramelized popcorn flavor one can choose a chocolate caramelized popcorn, or a six-varieties’  fruity blend.
Bright airtight buckets with covers allow to preserve the caramel popcorn’s  unique features and texture.
Caramel.jpgCaramel popcorn has become one of the record top-sellers in Ukraine in 2015.In this regard we’re following the global tendencies. The gourmet-popcorn boom is continuing.
Caramel popcorn is widely loved throughout the world. Namely it is sold in movie theaters, on the film festivals, in supermarkets, candy shops, as well as in specialized popcorn stores. Popcorn is purchased as a dish for a supper, breakfast, and is bestowed as a present in a nice festive package on numerous occasions.
In Ukraine, too, a large number of this produce’s followers and gourmets has appeared, and their number has been increasing each year. In some Ukrainian theaters it has completely substituted sweet popcorn, possessing features of an exquisite VIP-level product, sweet and crunchy, golden shiny kernels attracting attention at once, meanwhile caramel taste and smell reminds of one’s childhood. It’s already not simply a snack, but rather a special treat, a delicacy.
Welcome to visit our stand and try this amazing, incredibly delicious caramelized popcorn.
Choose any – classic caramel popcorn, fruity mix popcorn caramel, or the most chocolate one!